Welcome Massholes

Here at Masshole Biscuit Co we believe your dog's treats should be just that, a treat. That is why our treats are made with real ingredients you can see - think a chunky style cookie but for your pup. Our classic flavors include some yummy mix-ins like cheddar cheese crisps, pot roast, or greek yogurt.

Our treats are handmade in Gloucester, Ma with all natural ingredients. You can find us at local markets around Massachusetts (check out our calendar), we ship nationwide, and we offer local pick-up in Gloucester. Our two pups Duck and Spark love acting as our resident taste testers, and we hope to add your dog to our Masshole dog pack!

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What is a Combo Bag

Our combo bag comes with both Massachusetts Shaped treats and our Masshole Bites. The combo is perfect for pet parents. You have the larger state-shaped treat for when your pup does something really good. Then you can pull out the Bites for a walk, training session, or just a quick snack!